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Welcome to Healerverse Apothecary, where holistic wellness thrives. Our premium products, cherished by many, are crafted to nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Experience the power of holistic well-being for everyone.

Healerverse Apothecary is a holistic shop that places a strong emphasis on the well-being of body, mind, and spirit. Our range of apothecary products are created using premium ingredients, is completely vegan, and iare expertly packaged in recycled and recyclable materials. Every product is thoroughly tested and adored by all.

Trish Kane, MBA


Trish Kane, the visionary behind Healerverse Apothecary and 5D Healerverse, embodies the essence of spirituality in her journey as Founder and Chief Executive Officer. A soul who has traversed the depths of the beyond, Trish's transformative experience of being resuscitated from the "other side" after encountering life's fragility left an indelible mark on her purpose.
With a profound passion for bringing people together and fostering healing of the mind, body, and spirit, Trish radiates a boundless love that touches the lives of all she encounters. Accompanied by her faithful dog, Mack, she embarks on global explorations, seeking connections and spreading the seeds of love.
Holistic and spiritual practices are woven into every facet of Trish's existence. From her devotion to handpicked supplements that accompany her on every endeavor, to the sacred rituals she performs under the enchanting glow of new moon and full moon cycles, Trish embraces the power of manifestation and release. Through meditation and workshops facilitated by revered healers, she nourishes her own spiritual growth and aids others on their transformative journeys.


Trish Kane, MBA


Trish Kane is the driving force behind Healerverse Apothecary and 5DHealerverse.com. A multi-talented individual, Trish is a Reiki Healer, Theta Healer, Author, and Global Speaker, among many other superpowers. Her mission is centered around promoting decentralization and uniting individuals on both local and global platforms to contribute to the healing of the world.
Trish is a passionate advocate for holistic living, carrying her Healerverse Apothecary supplements wherever she goes, especially because she follows a plant-based diet and relies on these supplements to meet her nutritional needs.
Having experienced a transformative near-death encounter and being resuscitated from the "other side," Trish's purpose has been deeply influenced by this profound event. With a fervent dedication to bringing people together and nurturing the healing of the body, mind, and spirit, she passionately engages in both local and global initiatives.
Accompanied by her loyal companion, Mack, her beloved dog, she embraces global explorations, seeking connections and spreading love. From her selection of personally curated supplements that accompany her on every adventure, to the sacred rituals she performs under the enchanting glow of the new moon and full moon cycles, Trish ardently embraces the principles of manifestation and release to nurture her own spiritual growth.
Trish holds a Master of Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Iona College.


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To level up global collective consciousness by dissolving barriers with unity through healing and transformation of mind, body and spirit. 

Our vision

Heal yourself, Heal Others, Heal the World… Healerverse. 

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5D Healerverse




Trish Kane, MBA


Trish Kane is the Founder and Operations Expert at Boss Babe Supplements. Additionally, she is involved with Real-Estate investments and is a Web 3.0 Advocate. Trish trades Crypto and is part of the NFT communities. She is CEO and Founder of Healerverse, a platform launching this Fall for the Spiritual and Holistic Communities. She is a Reiki Practitioner, Theta Healer and loves all things Spiritual and Holistic. Trish is a Master Manifestor and her mission is to help others to become one too! Her dream is to help as many people as possible to become the best versions of themselves. Trish is an athlete of all kinds since childhood. She is excited to bring the Boss Babe Supplements Brand and Community to life and to expand it to every country and city globally. 
Trish holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Iona College and a Master of Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University. 
You can follow Trish on Instagram: @Trishkaneverse

Andreanna VanQuelef


Andreanna VanQuelef is the Co-Founder and Marketing and Creative Expert at Boss Babe Supplements. She is a serial internet entrepreneur with a diverse background in business development, social media, and marketing expertise. She is the CEO and Founder of fitness and women's mentorship app, "The Dre Way."  Dre is Co-Founder of EzEcomm. She built the business to an automated multi-million-dollar eCommerce presence. Andreanna became one of the top e-commerce sellers globally by the age of 24, earning over one million dollars in sales in her first 18 months of business. She has grown her social media presence to over several hundred thousand followers. She has generated multiple 7 figures of revenue from her social media presence.
Her vision and purpose in life is to help others create a successful life, in both business and health. In the words of Andreanna, “Health is Wealth.” 
Andreanna holds dual degrees from Florida Atlantic University in Exercise Physiology and Biology.

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